Maserati Corse 2020 | MC20 Rear | Collector's Edition

By Automobilist

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The new MC20 by Maserati is an engineering and styling masterpiece that opens a new era for the Trident brand, taking the Italian brand to a stage where it has always starred, that of Supercars that combine luxury and performance with the unique Maserati Style. Automobilist collaborated with Maserati for a design creation that celebrates the future, interpreted through a series of design posters created especially for the launch of the MC20 in Modena on 9 September.

The MC20 design poster has been conceptualised keeping in mind the new brand outlook of Maserati with strong graphic compositions set within dramatic lighting and its own visual narrative. Capturing the MC20 driving as it drives into the future with the design of the car set amidst a confident play of shades of blue.

Silver - the chosen colour of the foiled finish on the poster - pairs the car's new colour chosen for this poster - Bianco Audace - a yellowish, rather warm white with a bluish mica that subtly evokes the vein patterns of marble.

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