Bamford London
Founded: 2009
Origin: United Kingdom

Welcome to Bamford London and welcome to my world. I am George Bamford and Bamford London is the world’s ultimate hub for personalised luxury products.

As a highly customer-oriented company, we pride ourselves in taking great care of our clients, ensuring that their needs are the focus at every step of the way.

Emphasis on personalisation is paramount, with our customers’ requests forming the bedrock of our business; it’s through these individual desires that our personalisation techniques really show their colours. For me, it is essential that we deliver to the highest standards of quality and service, and I am proud of our array of exciting and exclusive products.

I never forget that whilst our customers can get on without us, we couldn’t get on without our customers; they are both the beginning and the end of the chain and the fuel to our fire.

WE LOVE IT BECAUSE Bamford has made a name for themselves for their customisation work and Bamford London outfit is no different, offering a selection of timepieces that can be customised to your personal taste. So, if you want that one-off piece then George is your go to man for the job.