By Stephane Dufour

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This 356 sculpture is a new piece celebrating Stephan’s first sculpture, also a 356, nearly 20 years ago. The artist’s goal with this updated piece is to show the car as it first exists in the designer’s mind–like the dream before the vision.

The 356 was created following Stephan’s bespoke, multi-step process perfected over decades of refinement. First, he creates a clay "master" sculpture, which becomes the basis for a plaster mold, followed by a silicone mold, from which each resin sculpture is made. Once each tinted resin piece is removed from the silicone mold, he sands and polishes it to glossy perfection.

Each piece of a limited run of 356 pieces in total is handmade at Stephan’s shop in Southern California, made of casting resin, tinted, signed, and numbered.

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