Porsche Carrera RS 2.7 No.44

By Advanced Canvas

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1 of 100 Limited Edition

80 x 45 x 7.5 cm

10 -11 Kilogram

medium gray concrete

coarse granulation and grained appearance

surface finishing : triple waxed

This sculpture is a unique piece, handcrafted in Blackforest Germany. Shaped from lightweight concrete with steel reinforcement, this expressive sculpture will outlast many future generations. Each canvas comes with a numbered and signed certificate, care products, a drilling template and a user manual. All parts needed for installation are included in the standard delivery.


Triple Waxed - Our triple wash polishing lets us achieve a silky gloss with an inclination toward beautiful reflections. It makes the colour more intense and brings heightened presence to the sculpture overall. The wax finish gives this model emphasis even without a direct light source.

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