The Le Mans Model Collection 1949-2009

By Porter Press

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Every car that raced at Le Mans over six decades

This trilogy of books comprises every single car that raced at Le Mans between 1949 and 2009 over 3,000 cars. A remarkable collection of car models which is the property of the N Collection.

Here, for the first time, one can see and compare all the various makes and models, from the famous to the obscure. Not only are there three views of every model, but the salient facts are given as to who drove each car, whom the entrant was and how each performed.  * Every car that raced at Le Mans over six decades * Salient details of over 3,000 cars and over 30,000 facts * Featuring 9,000 photographs and 61 specially commissioned paintings plus an introductory resumé of every race * Three views of each model * The collection includes 565 cars from the 1950s, 522 from the 1960s, 533 from the 970s, 513 from the 1980s, 446 from the 1990s and 506 from the 00s * Book 1 - 1949 to 1969 (354 pages) * Book 2 - 1970 to 1989 (324 pages) * Book 3 - 1990 to 2009 (296 pages)

Published by Porter Press International for Mr Claude Nahum Over 9,000 colour photographs plus 61 commissioned paintings and 23 period photos

Please note: UK & EU residents can order this set online. Customers in other countries, please call our office to order: + 44 (0) 1584 781588. ISBN 978-1-907085-57-4

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