McLaren Formula 1 Team - Oscar Piastri - The Triple Crown Livery - 60th Anniversary - 2023

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With the recent unveiling of their special livery for the Monaco and Spanish Grand Prix, we have teamed with McLaren to immortalize it in an exclusive artwork. Featuring the MCL60, whose name itself directly refers to McLaren Racing's 60th anniversary, the race in Monte-Carlo will be the place of celebrations. Serving as a tribute to McLaren achieving the Triple Crown, the livery's colour combination is a reference to the three legendary vehicles that secured the team its historical feat.

The story of McLaren Racing's Triple Crown dates back to 1974. The first win of the three famed races came at the Indianapolis 500 where McLaren won with their papaya M16D, driven by Johnny Rutherford. Hence the first colours of the new livery.

The second win came precisely 10 years later at the 1984 Monaco race, with Alain Prost sitting behind the wheel of the legendary red and white MP4/2. The current MCL60 takes inspiration from the white details of MP4/2 and has been used for the middle part of the state-of-the-art vehicle.

Acquiring the third crown in 1995, McLaren's F1 GTR shocked everyone at the Circuit de la Sarthe during its first entry at the 24 Hours of Le Mans. With 4 of the entered F1's finishing among the first 5 places, it was the perfect ending to McLaren Racing's Triple Crown dreams. The black front of the MCL60 is thus a homage to the black livery of the F1 GTR.

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