Metallic Jag Heroine Racer & Classic 2.0

By Hedon

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These helmets have been discontinued, however, you can choose to have this helmet made to order. The lead time for all made to order items are 40-60 days.

Inspired by the luxurious Jaguars.

The long awaited HEROINE RACER and CLASSIC 2.0 is finally ready for the world and has new features to maximise your riding comfort. The Heroine Racer is the ultimate full-face helmet for comfort and style. Classic British retro design together with a luxurious interior and a gorgeous automotive paint finish. The helmet is lightweight, low-profile, well ventilated with a wide field of view. The Heroine was designed and developed in London and is handmade with attention to every detail for a truly stunning riding experience. For the Racer, the new Visor mechanism offers 4 visor positions. Now one can adjust the visor in different steps and not just 2 positions of open and close. CNC screws are more secure. For those breezy days where the option of having a small opening makes a great difference. For both helmets there is now the option to remove the cheek pads for easy installation of any bluetooth system. Redevelopment of the shell with the latest shell forming technology and the new design of the CNC screw has significantly decreased the overall weight by about 60 grams.

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