Easy On The Extras
Founded: 2014
Origin: USA

The real world is heavy. Visual pollution, full calendars, obligations, SUV's in traffic and garages full of storage. We reject that world in favour of our own. 

It’s a brick loft with a bed on the floor and a Barcelona chair across the room. A sports car under a carport. A 6am drive at full tilt. A watch with 40 years on it. An open desert landscape as seen from a glass house, holding a martini. Stirred.

We may not need to amass many items to create our dream universe. It may only be feasible via deletion. Easy on the extras is a catch phrase to espouse a value system. It’s a careful grouping of products that start conversations. It’s a reminder.

WE LOVE IT BECAUSE Purveyors of one of the coolest car-related clothing names around, ‘Easy on the Extras’ brings a whole new level to minimalist apparel design that celebrates the greatest automotive icons on the planet.

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