Porsche Drive - Pass Portrait - Großglockner

By Delius Klasing

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The "Großglockner", Austria's highest mountain with 3,789 m, is one of the most important summits of the Eastern Alpes - and not only because he is so important for alpine tourism. Already at the end of the 18th Century, he has been explored and nobody less than Arch Bishop Salm-Reiffenscheidt-Krautheim was the first to ascent in 1800. Today, with more than 5000 ascents per year, he is a very popular aim for climbers. But even for those who do not want to climb, the fascination of this mountain is hard to escape from. And there is no better way to do so from the "Großglockner"-High Alpine roads.The road leads across both mountain passes Fuscher Tärl and Hochtor crossing the main Alpes from Salzburg to Carinthia, with turnoffs to the Edelweiß peak and the Kaiser-Franz-Josef-height. The road as an adventure trip with its 12% ascent has to be managed and is also the highest paved pass road of Austria. Who would be more capable to report about all this than Stefan Bogner, the master of the automobile photo books? With fuel in his blood and a sensitive feel for history, but also with accelerator and brake, he portraits one of the most exciting and most visited alpine roads. Text in English and German. 376 pages / format: 21.8 x 28.7 cm / hardcover / ISBN 978-3-667-11394-8

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