Curry & Paxton
Founded: 1876
Origin: United Kingdom

Curry and Paxton made precision lenses and ophthalmic instruments during the Victorian age and became one of the most respected names in their field. The company grew in both reputation and size, and by the 1960s, Curry & Paxton had opened a nationwide chain of opticians, with one very famous customer: Sir Michael Caine. Today, Curry & Paxton have returned, with high-grade cellulose optical frames from world-renowned Italian manufacturer Mazzucchelli. The YVAN is also back, and now you too can look as cool as Caine in “The Italian Job” with these iconic frames – perfect for your own European adventure.

WE LOVE IT BECAUSE Great film icons are often defined by the glasses they wear, and the same can be said for some of motor racing’s iconic names like Paul Newman, always seen in his cool sunglasses. Michael Caine is perhaps the most iconic of them all though. So, if you are looking for pair of glasses for your next adventure, then Curry & Paxton are worth a visit.

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