Tim Layzell – Fangio/Collins ‘Leather Art’ Motorsport GTO Holdall

By Jordan Bespoke

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Ferrari – Maserati inspired Historic Italian Commemorative Motorsport Holdall

Jordan Bespoke x Tim Layzell – The Bristol Boys have teamed up to combine the Love of ‘Leather & Art’


We pride ourselves in manufacturing our Tan Leather – Tim Layzell GTO Holdall using the same highest quality ‘Bridge of Weir’ Scottish leather that Aston Martin, Bentley Motors & McLaren choose as their luxury automotive hide – it’s the ultimate and very durable as you can imagine it’s used for the finest British seating leather upholstery !!  


We use original 60’s automotive seat belt webbing.

The Lining is taken from Tim’s original painting ‘ The Friendly Rivals’ the famous drivers of the late 50’s Juan Manuel Fangio and Peter Collins battling it out driving the beautiful Italian racing cars, Ferrari and Maserati just works of art. The 1957 season captured by Fangio, becoming world champion again driving the Maserati 250F an iconic car that Stirling Moss favoured for its controlled balance and pure driving ability at speed.

Tim and I have been exhibiting globally at shows for many years together, now is the time to collaborate. Tim’s trademark Pop Art is stunning, endorsed by Pebble Beach Concours as the official programme cover and featured in Automotive and Motorsport magazines and chosen by important car collectors.

Each Item can be Personalised making the article Unique and Memorable with blind embossing of logo, initials, chassis or registration number.

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