911 Design

By Delius Klasing

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The design bible for the world's most built sports car

Can you imagine the world of sports cars without the Porsche 911? Hardly. All too iconic is the timeless shape of this classic, which has now been thrilling anyone with a heart for sporty driving for 60 years and in its 8th generation. How can the special features of this successful design be explained? And how has it been possible to continuously develop this shape without losing sight of its origins?

- Porsche History: The Design Evolution of the 911 Series
- Model history: Michael Mauer reviews eight generations of the 911
-Porsche expert Thomas Ammann explains technical backgrounds
-Automotive Design: High-quality Porsche photos by star photographers
- An opulent coffee-table book on Porsche 911 design history

"911 Design" is a bibliophile work of art consisting of exciting texts, brilliant photos and lots of information for Porsche fans who love details. The ideal gift for the car and sports car fan!

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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