Porsche 911

By Delius Klasing

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The world's most popular sports car: Porsche 911

Few sports cars have moved the world as much as the Porsche 911. For 60 years, it has been a constant among sporty automobiles, bringing further technical highlights to the road with each new development stage. At the same time, its heart, the six-cylinder boxer engine, always remains in the right place: the rear. Its suitability for everyday use and its racetrack performance are legendary, which nowadays gives it more fans than ever. With this Porsche book, fans can immerse themselves in the history of the legendary dream car.

- Ideal gift for car lovers: the Porsche 911 book
- Huge fan base for the world-famous sports car
- Porsche history: prehistory and model development
- The evolution of the model series: series and special versions of the Porsche 911
- Special models in highlighted portraits
- The classic in words and pictures: The fascinating world of the 911 model series

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