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This year, let your car be your valentine

You can't treat a car like a human being - a car needs love! So this year, let your car be your valentine and surprise it with the latest automotive beauty products and accessories from the CD Shop. We guarantee: they will make your automobile shine just like the day you first fell in love.

Last Days of the Automobile

Pink Legs

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It has been on your side for ages, gifting you with precious moments of joy and happiness, making your life less ordinary. Now is the time to give something back – and let your car be the centre of attention. How about a custom steering wheel, a handmade wooden gearknob, a set of retro-style seat inlays, a tanned leather jump lead kit, or even a beautiful new key to its gas-guzzling heart? Of course you could also have a look at our latest automotive beauty and grooming products. Why not show your car you care with a detailing kit, complete with cleaning products, brushes, and microfiber sheets – and grant it some TLC on the international day of love? If your special someone is parked on the driveway, take a look at our Valentine's gift guide in the CD Shop.