A studio shot of model Ford GT40 by Amalgam Collection

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These must-haves from the CD Shop will get you in the mood for Le Mans

With the 24 Hours of Le Mans upon us, we’ve compiled some of our favourite Le Mans-inspired items from the CD Shop to get you in the mood for the world’s greatest endurance race. Take a look below!

A book on the story of Ford versus Ferrari at Le Mans by Veloce Publishing


Poster AUTOMOBILSPORT #01 (2 sided) - Porsche 917K

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The wait is finally over! In fact, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is probably already well underway by the time you read this, so to get you in the spirit of the pinnacle of endurance motorsport, we compiled our favourite Le-Mans inspired items from the CD Shop. Automobilist have plenty of beautiful prints featuring titans of endurance racing such as the Ford GT40, the Jaguar D Type, and of course the McLaren F1. If you’d like to learn more about the history of the great race, then there’s plenty of reading material too, with Veloce’s ‘Ford Versus Ferrari’ sitting right at the top of our must-read list. Once the race is over and you’re in the mood for some driving, why not treat yourself to a new pair of Vandel driving shoes, or perhaps your pride and joy to a new custom key, courtesy of Formawerx. Of course, if you’re really a motorsport fanatic, why not go all-out and check out Halmo’s Ferrari 512 BB LM front hood, which would make for a fantastic bit of sculpture in any room. There’s plenty more to check out in our Le Mans collection, so take a look below!