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‘The Italians’ is a visual deep dive into La Bella Macchina

Home of the best coffee, the best food, and some of the greatest car designers ever to put pen to paper, Gestalten’s latest book ‘The Italians – Beautiful Machines’ celebrates the most iconic cars and visionary designers from Italy. It is now available in the CD Shop.




To create a masterpiece, love simply isn’t enough of an ingredient for greatness. Masterpieces are made when a every fibre of a designer’s vision has been translated to paper, and while some American, British, French, and Japanese designers have reached design nirvana, Italy holds the crown for the highest quantity of automotive greatness. In Gestalten's wonderfully illustrated, 320 page book ‘The Italians – Beautiful Machines’, readers are swept away on a journey through the history of Italian automotive design, showcasing some of the most iconic and beloved vehicles and spanning from the art-deco era of the 1920s, through the changing decades and leading to the early 2000s. From pre-war legends such as the Alfa Romeo 8C 2800B, to ground-breaking concepts like the Lamborghini Bravo, ‘The Italians – Beautiful Machines’ provides a wonderfully broad scope of Italy’s automotive history.  

Exploring the ethos behind some of the world’s most evocative and striking car designs, ‘The Italians – Beautiful Machines’ lets the works of Pininfarina, Zagato, Bertone, Gandini, Guigiaro and Ghia sing to their hearts content. These remarkable designers have left their mark on the world of design, but also on culture and creativity around the world, inspiring generations of automotive and product designers from all walks of life.

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Featuring candid interviews, in-depth analysis of the art and science around iconic cars, and some truly breath-taking photography, this book reveals the fascinating stories behind some of the most famous cars from Italy, and what makes them so desirable. Now available in the CD Shop, ‘The Italians – Beautiful Machines’ would make for a perfect read on those gloomier winter days.