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Stéphane Dufour’s latest sculpture showcases the wonders of the wide 911

Renowned for his exceptional automotive-inspired paintings and sculptures, French artist Stéphane Dufour returns with a celebration of one of Porsche's wildest machines, the widebody 911 from the 1970s. This fantastic piece is now available from the CD Shop.

Stephane Dufour



There are few body styles as instantly recognisable as that of a 911. Despite 60 years passing since its inception, Porsche’s sportscar has remained almost exactly the same from its side profile, although the latest generation is showing signs of carrying slightly more weight. But hey, who are we to judge? That iconic roofline, those sweeping rear window curves, and the simplistic front fender design is one that is studied all over the world, and while the first generation of 911 is the car in its purest form, the models that evolved from those foundations remain some of the most admired. For Stéphane Dufour, there was one car in particular that his next project had to be based around. 

In 1973, Porsche launched the 2.8 RSR variant of the 911, a car that is perhaps one of the most important in the brand’s entire history. Weighing just 900kgs, the 2.8 was a factory-built racing car built for the enthusiastic privateer, who, if entering weekend races against rival BMW or Chevy, would most likely leave them in its dust. Stéphane used this incredible car from 1973 as his inspiration for this new sculpture called “WIDE 911”, showcasing an evocation of the widebody shape of the air-cooled 911s. Starting entirely from scratch back in December 2022, the sculpture was modelled from a block of plaster, which was then handcrafted using Stéphane’s own technique and finished with the highest level of precision and style.


Once the initial design had been developed and the work met Stéphane's approval, it was time to craft a mould from which other variants could be created. From this original mould, the sculptures were made into varying sizes and colours that match the original Porsche shades used back in the 1970s.

Every one of Stéphane’s sculptures takes an incredible amount of discipline and focus. Each piece is handmade in his shop in Southern California, where they are then signed and numbered before shipping. If you’re looking for a unique display piece for your Porsche-obsessed loved one, or an instant conversation-starter for your home or office, this piece of art is exactly what you need! ‘WIDE911’ is now available now in a variety of shades at the CD Shop.