A scale model of a Ferrari Roma by Automobilist

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Paint your home red with these must-have Ferrari collectibles

Celebrating Ferrari's 75th anniversary, we have picked our favourite Maranello-style driving essentials, artworks, books, accessories and collectibles from the CD Shop.

Mechanists key ring next to a manual gearbox
A technical drawing of Niki Laud's Ferrari 312T by Automobilist

While putting a full-scale Ferrari into our garage is a dream for most of us, there are more ways to celebrate the world's most iconic sportscar brand: To commemorate the 75th anniversary of Ferrari, we selected the coolest Maranello-style items from the CD Shop. And no matter if you pick an Automobilist poster, a Mechanists F40 keychain or an Amalgam scale model of the new Roma, all objects are guaranteed to inject a healthy dose of Italian racing spirit into your life.