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Let your car take centre stage with Fahrengold’s display stands

If you’ve ever wanted to present your classic or supercar in the best possible way, Fahrengold have created the solution. Now, their stylish and practical displays are available to purchase in the CD Shop, and we want a handful of them for the office!

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Fahrengold Stage

What you’re looking at here is a product that you’ve more than likely seen while attending car events, but have perhaps never given it a second thought. When it comes to displaying the world’s finest collectable cars, a huge amount of preparation goes into ensuring the display is not only safe for viewers, but also safe for the priceless machine aiming to stun the world. The Fahrengold Stage lifts the vehicle out of its surroundings and illuminates the silhouette of the vehicle, immediately drawing attention to the vehicle presented.

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Fahrengold Stage Pro

Designed with the finest details at heart, most notably for the presentation and securing of vehicles ranging from Bugatti’s latest hyper car, to a one-of-one classic, Fahrengold's creations have undergone intensive development, testing and continuous optimisation, culminating in the ultimate way to showcase a vehicle.

Right now, the CD Shop is delighted to offer the First Edition and Pro variants of the stages, each one finished in the finest materials possible and designed to complement the vehicle perfectly, without stealing the show too much! Each variant is suitable for use by car enthusiasts in garages, collections and showrooms as well as for temporary events, meaning it is as versatile as it is stylish.

Discover the latest collection right here in the CD Shop.