It’s all in the details with Placek Classics’ Porsche accessories

Justin Placek has been creating beautiful interiors for Porsche aficionados for many years, reintroducing some of those legendary materials we love. Fabrics like pascha, tartan and other classically inspired leather and fabric patterns and colours are masterfully incorporated into modern interiors. More recently, Justin has tuned his talents to creating bespoke versions of the iconic MOMO Prototipo and 07 model steering wheels. These are made to order, and Justin will work closely with you throughout to ensure the perfect finishing touch to your car.

Justin Placek

Tool Bag


Justin Placek

MOMO Model 07 Customised


And for your Porsche tools, how about a bespoke tool bag, currently offered in Cognac, Navy, Black and Green, with contrasting fabrics inside such as pepita or tartan. Check out the current range in the Classic Driver Shop or get in touch with Justin to discuss your specific requirements. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a Porsche! Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase via a shop link on, our publisher usually receives a share of the sales.

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