Ignite your style with Formawerx’s new Coolnvintage key

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Ignite your style with Formawerx’s new Coolnvintage key

Combining two of the most attention-focussed brands we’ve seen for a while, custom key makers Formawerx have just dropped their latest edition, and it’s a must for all Coolnvintage owners!



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It’s no secret that Series Land Rovers and Defenders are very much ‘in’ at the moment and have been for some time. These utilitarian machines were once found littered in old farms and building sites around the world, but now they’re being snapped up and rejuvenated into the ultimate ‘do anything, go anywhere’ vehicle, with more style than pretty much anything else on the road today.One of the founding adopters of this new wave of restomodding are Coolnvintage, a Lisbon-based outfit that have redefined the luxury sector in Land Rover customisation. Restored to the exacting specifications of their lucky clients, no nut or bolt is left weathered by the elements, making for one truly special off-roader.

So, in keeping with the ‘nothing left untouched’ mentality, custom crafted key maker Formawerx have teamed up with Coolnvintage for a special key blank that perfectly embodies the aesthetics of the Landy. Made from solid brass, it is made to function with all Land Rover icons, and features the Coolnvintage logo & customisable VIN plate engraved on one side, and a machined diamond texture on the other side.

If you’re a Coolnvintage Landy owner and have always longed for the perfect key made from Swiss-machinery to start your adventure, we are delighted to welcome this limited edition key to the CD Shop, currently available for US customers only.