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Don't miss these vintage racing jackets and helmet bags inspired by 1960s motor racing

Discover the latest custom merch from Frank Kayser, the creative mastermind who brought you the best-selling RGruppe book.

The RBook

Indie 500 Grand National Firestone Racing Jacket


The RBook

Laguna Seca Penske SCCA Pro Racing


One of the most creative and inspiring publications in the last few years, Frank Kayser’s ‘R Gruppe Book’ about the Porsche-driving super group from California is currently receiving design awards worldwide. Both editions of the book, the standard and the limited version, as well as his fine art photo prints, T-shirts vintage helmet and paratrooper bags are steady best-sellers in the CD Shop. Now Frank has dropped a new collection of custom-made vintage jackets, windbreakers and helmet bags inspired by 1960s and 1970s motor racing and influential teams like Ferrari, Porsche and Shelby. While some of the original jackets have been sourced from unworn old stock, others display a wonderful patina. Individualised by Frank Kayser with addition vintage embroidered sponsor patches, each of the old-school jackets is completely unique. So if you want to feel like Bobby Kennedy, Carroll Shelby or Paul Newman this summer, you better order your favourite jacket from the CD Shop before someone else outpaces you in the checkout race.