A selection of posters from Automobilists collection celebrating 100 years of Monza

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Celebrating 100 years of the Temple of Speed with Automobilist

As one of the world’s most famous race circuits turns 100 years old, the wonderfully creative minds behind Automobilist have created a selection of prints designed to bring the magic of Monza to your home.

The 1968 Monza 100 years poster by Automobilist
A close up shot of the 1976 edition from the Automobilist Monza 100 years collection

Officially the longest-serving Formula One circuit in history, Monza was, and still very much is, a mecca for all motorsport fans. Barrelling out of the Parabolica and down a seemingly never-ending pit straight, 2022 F1 cars have clocked over 221 mph before hitting the anchors. It’s a true driver’s circuit, built in 1922 in just 110 days, it included a 5.5 km road track as well as a 4.5 km high-speed loop that featured two elevated curves.

Since then, it has been the backdrop to some of the greatest sporting and technological innovations, bringing the world’s best drivers together to do battle on a relentlessly fast and notoriously unforgiving circuit. There have been too many incredible sporting moments to gather: Lauda making his triumphant return to racing just six weeks after his fiery crash at the Nürburgring, or more recently with title rivals Hamilton and Verstappen colliding at Variante del Rettifilo.


Monza Circuit - 100 Years Anniversary - 1949 | Limited Edition



Monza Circuit - 100 Years Anniversary - 1976 | Limited Edition


Therefore, it seems only fitting that Monza is given the celebration it so rightfully deserves, and Automobilist have nailed it with their limited-edition series of wall art. Each print from the collection is limited to just 200 units and are all individually numbered.

If you’re looking to add some stylish motorsport-inspired pieces to your home or office, we think these will fit into any space perfectly. The hardest part is deciding which ones to go for!