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Autodromo’s watches are celebrating the golden era of racing and rallying

What makes 1970s and 1980s rallying and racing so appealing to us today? The cars, yes – but also the amazing aesthetics and graphic design of that time. And if there is one brand that has captured the spirit of this golden era of motorsports in their watches, it has to be Autodromo.

The packaging for the Autodromo Group B Watch
The Autodromo Group B Watch

While we appreciate the simplicity and handbuilt elegance of 1950s and 1960s racing cars, there’s something about these fire-spitting prototype racers from the 1970s and the notorious Group B rally monsters from the 1980s that still gives us goosebumps until this day. And while there are countless automotive-inspired watches launching every year, the timepieces from Autodromo are are always a bit more exciting than the rest. 

The Vallelunga Automatic by Autodromo
An Autodromo watch on the wrist of a driver

Founded by the industrial designer Bradley Price who set out to craft unique products that express the spirit of motoring, Autodromo draws its inspiration from an era when driving required style, panache, and a certain amount of danger. Yes, Autodromo’s watches – like the Prototipo Chronograph influenced by Vic Elford’s Targa Florio-racing Porsche 908/02 or the Group B series with its rallying cues – are inspired by the past. But they are still very contemporary, blending iconic designs contemporary watchmaking and a healthy amount of minimalism. Luckily, Autodromo’s most desirable watches and driving essentials are now available in the CD Shop.