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Artifacts reveals the secrets of the Porsche archives

Ever wondered just how many secrets have been kept behind the walls of one of the world’s most iconic car brands? For ERG Media, this wonder became a reality, and their latest book Artifacts gives an unparalleled artistic view into the secretive rooms of the Porsche Historic Archive in Zuffenhausen.

ERG Media


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There are many, many things to love about a Porsche. Their effortless sense of style, their unique soundtrack, the simplistic yet impeccably refined design cues, the list goes on and on. But have you ever wondered about the specific items that all help to create the icon we’ve seen grow over the last six decades? Well, thankfully, the talented team at ERG Media have presented us with the ultimate artistic deep dive into Porsche's vast archives. 

Artifacts is a 365-page insight captured by photographer and lead creative Thomas Walk to show the human touch of components that are often presented as sterile. Each item has texture and patina, adding to the history of Porsche design and development history. The book also delves deeper into documents of iconic cars, all of which are tied directly to the vehicles inside the Porsche Museum. In addition to Thomas Walk’s stunning imagery, detailed stories from Type 7 Editor Nat Twiss fill the pages, ensuring the reader is fully immersed into this once secretive section of Porsche’s history. 

Doubling down on the secretive experience, readers will find the archive box complete with reenforced metal corners. When breaking a seal, the book’s red slipcase is revealed; inspired by the document folders that line the shelves of the Archive. If you’re desperate to open the vault for yourself, we are delighted to welcome Artifacts into the CD Shop, making for the perfect coffee table book for yourself or a Porsche-loving friend or family member.