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From Venice Beach to Formula 1 circuits worldwide

From vintage skateboards to the latest race cars, we at Floyd just love fast and good-looking things on wheels. So we are particularly proud to announce our new partnership with Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN. The Italian racing team will embark on the 2021 Formula One season with Floyd's trademark travel cases on wheels. As Alfa Romeo and Floyd share many values - particularly a taste for the latest high-class technologies and a passion for the glories of the past - we are looking forward to seeing our iconic cases travel around the world with the team and help drivers and crew keep rolling from one race to the next. And while our trolleys might not be as fast as the monoposti from the Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN stables, they will certainly make the drivers, mechanics and team members look as cool as it gets on airports and pit lanes alike.

The white, cabin-sized tavel case is branded by Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN and Floyd and comes with its trademark skateboard wheels.

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