TBD Eyewear
Founded: 2015
Origin: Italy

TBD Eyewear is a brand of sunglasses and opticals made from the skilful hands of expert Italian artisans. The brand was founded by two entrepreneurs, Fabio Attanasio and Andrea Viganò, whose passion for craftsmanship and the digital industry has brought this Italian eyewear across the globe. TBD Eyewear glasses merge timeless style with sustainability, supporting the world-renowned Italian creativity. 

Our accessories come from the expertise of talented Italian manufacturers, holding out against the ubiquitous empire of huge multinational groups. Our goal is to guarantee a continuity of the Italian craftsmanship and to protect our heritage, made of utmost quality and unique creativity. Our glasses are completely hand-made in Italy and we proved their quality by visiting the workshops and shooting the productive process. They are addressed to all the connoisseurs who want to stand out from the mass, knowing what they wear.

WE LOVE IT BECAUSE The Bespoke Dudes has become a hugely popular fashion website, covering bespoke Italian tailoring and craftsmanship. In collaboration with Andrea Vigan, an entrepreneur also passionate about home grown products, they have launched their very own range of eyewear together. Using artisanal Italian manufacturers, they are able to keep the quality of the product extremely high, which is clear to see.