Red X Thread
Founded: 2019
Origin: Canada

It all starts with the name: Red X Thread. In storytelling, a ‘red thread’ is the theme that carries the reader through the story, connecting characters, places and events, experiencing all the highs and lows that define a great adventure—the elements that create a story worth telling and retelling.

Over 20 years, Matthew Labutte, founder of Red X Thread, has forged his own story, a career in art and design. He has expressed his craft as an artist and illustrator, created brand identities and graphics, designed custom cars and turned a rusted rarity into an exquisite custom station wagon.

Throughout this journey, his artistic talents have intertwined with his passion for all things automotive, leading to a new chapter: a heritage fashion clothing brand. This project brings it all together into something tangible: comfortable, durable well-made clothes inspired by great stories.