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The 90s Japanese Domestic Market experienced a bubble economy responsible for some of the world's finest vehicles. Evident through emerging Japanese classics, with some vehicles beginning to rival familiar Italian or German cars by demanding well into 6-7 figures. In this case, a tasteful nod to the past involved selecting an ambassador that would faithfully represent the purest form of JDM design philosophy at the time. Aryton Senna, the beloved and renown F1 World Champion's personal car of choice, the Honda NSX was chosen as it epitomized an era of stylized simplicity. The Formawerx team followed Honda's strict design philosophy of the 1990s of 'modernizing basic shapes like trapezoids, rectangles, and circles.' It's a time worth celebrating as clean examples of even the common passengers cars of the time like the Civic EK, EG, CRX EF, and Integra are coming to be immortalized by an increasingly affluent 90s-centered automotive community. Elements like the directional triangle & functional facets can be found on the keypiece design.

OpenSpec™ Compatibility with all pre-2000s vehicles
Grips: 5-Axis CNC machined to Swiss standards by Formawerx USA
Cores: CNC machined in Germany by Formawerx GmbH
Base: Perpetua Stainless Steel™ (proprietary blend)
Optional Upgrade: Zero-RT Titanium™ (proprietary blend)
Coatings: DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon)
By Automotive Designers, & Aerospace/Motorsport Engineers in California

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