Best of Classic Driver

By Delius Klasing

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Best of Classic Driver – 25th Anniversary Edition

The most beautiful cars, the most exclusive concours and racing events, the most passionate personalities; since its launch in 1998, Classic Driver has been celebrating sophisticated automotive culture in its magazine. To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Classic Driver has now compiled a selection of its best stories about the world's most extraordinary automobiles and their drivers in a high-quality collector’s book

Since Classic Driver first went online in 1998, the website has shaped automobile culture like few other publications. While the rarest and most desirable automobiles were traded in the Classic Driver marketplace, the magazine gave its international readership fascinating insights into the world of collector cars and their owners. With its lively reports and a sophisticated visual language, Classic Driver has been staging and telling stories about the most beautiful, exciting and individual automobiles of all time for the last 25 years. For the anniversary, the best stories were brought together in an elegantly designed book.

Browsing through the book, one can admire Gianni Agnelli's beguilingly beautiful Ferrari 166 as it drives through the deserted streets of early morning Milan. Indulge in the pictures of the three Lamborghini Miuras on 17-Mile-Drive or marvel at the two Bugatti EB110s that once started at Le Mans – and are now taking part in a nightly 24-minute race on the Vienna Ring. Meet automotive trendsetters like Mai Ikuzawa, Eugenio Amos and Arthur Kar and gain insight into the secret collections of Coldplay guitarist Guy Berryman and watch designer George Bamford. Accompany Aloisa Ruf on a morning sprint over the snowy Bernina Pass in a Porsche prototype and witness the unfinished Aston Martin Bulldog being resurrected as the tailors at Turnbull & Asser in London transform a Fiat Panda into a bespoke masterpiece.


Best of Classic Driver – 25th Anniversary Edition

400 pages
Book Format: 27.7 x 29.5 cm
40 Stories about exceptional cars, collections and personalities
361 beautiful photos by Rémi Dargegen, Tom Shaxson, Amy Shore and many others
Behind-the-scenes information about the history of Classic Driver
Edited by Jan Karl Baedeker & J. Philip Rathgen
Published by Delius Klasing Verlag

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