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PPF stands for Power Plant Frame first coined by Mazda, a part of structure found in many of their early vehicles, passengers and race cars alike, aimed to stiffen the chassis. This design celebrates the engineering ingenuity required to create cars that aren't fantastically powered but well-balance, & as a result, fun to drive. Torsional rigidity is the bane of race engineers, enthusiasts, & drivers alike as this element tied with a light weight & balanced layout produces an intuitive driving experience. Formawerx's OpenSpec™—PPF visually celebrates the relationship between a weight-saving superstructure and it's aerodynamic body-form as it's counter part. The exposed truss-structure of the 'core' can be clearly seen in the keypiece and is juxtaposed to a beautifully smooth, 5-axis machined 'grip'. This design aims to celebrate the unseen components of vehicles, silently responsible for it's performance. This 'truss structure' aesthetic can be found in lightweight vehicles like the Mazda Miata or Lotus Elise, to automotive giants such as the McLaren F1.

OpenSpec™ Compatibility with all pre-2000s vehicles
Grips: 5-Axis CNC machined to Swiss standards by Formawerx USA
Cores: CNC machined in Germany by Formawerx GmbH
Base: Perpetua Stainless Steel™ (proprietary blend)
Optional Upgrade: Zero-RT Titanium™ (proprietary blend)
Coatings: DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon)
By Automotive Designers, & Aerospace/Motorsport Engineers in California

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