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By Coolnvintage

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Portugal, a country that appreciates the beauty of the unadorned and the authenticity of the lived-in. While the visuals are mesmerising, what truly sets this collection apart is its pursuit of rawness. Instead of chasing the perfect snapshot, we have strived to capture Portugal's authentic character. Off the beaten path one discovers a network of dirt roads, winding through undulating landscapes, dappled with wildflowers, and bursting with an invitation to the unknown.

This book is not a collection of touristic clichés nor an exhaustive catalogue of celebrated landmarks. You will not find the conventional Pasteis de Nata or the standard Fado in Bairro Alto.

  • 272 Pages

  • Includes 2 sets of 4 tear-off postcards

  • Engraved Linen Hardcover finished by hand

  • High quality engraved collectible box assembled by hand

  • Superior quality 135 grs. Italian Gloss Paper

  • Superior quality 140 grs. Italian Matte Paper

  • Dimensions: W 24.3 x H 32.8 x D3 cm

  • ISBN: 978-989-33-5025-6

  • Language English

  • Edition: 2500

Printed in Lisbon, Portugal

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