Parabolico Series

By Tactico

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At TACTICO we love motorsports... and when we think about motorsports we think about speed, precision and bravery. Our Parabolico steering wheel, named after Monza's circuit signature corner "The Parabolica", gives you the handling and grip to manage the increasing radius and high-speed that this famous corner imposes. Designed with Porsche 911s in mind, it blends smoothly with the interior of the car. The white stitching and orange indicator match the colors of the numbers and indicator inside the gauges. The slight dished design, thick grip and its tailor-made hub will situate you in the perfect driving position, giving you total control of your sports car. Diameter - 350 mm Crown Coating - Air-Cooled Genuine Leather Grip - 29 x 29 mm Offset - 38 mm Spokes - Brushed Black Aluminium Stitching - Crossed (standard) or Parallel For other customization options please contact our customer experience team. Important: For proper mounting check out our hubs section for COLLAPSIBLE or RIGID options that match different makes and car models. We are constantly updating this list, if your car model is not listed contact us.

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