'Flip Top' Legacy Crewneck Tee

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Flip-Top - Experimental Prototype

Sparks are flying and your ears are ringing of hammer-forged steel. Cut, fit, test and start again. This is the skill and grit that it takes to develop something worthy.
Carroll Shelby and his team did it over and over again, and so did we. Custom tailored fit, perfect balance of weight and comfort. It's called the Legacy Tee for good reason. You're welcome.

  • Super fine 100% organic cotton jersey
  • Fully taped shoulder seam construction
  • Contrasting 'Shelby' blue neck insert
  • Old school soft discharge print, front and back
  • Pre-shrunk for lasting fit
  • Hand-forged in Canada 

Inspired by the one-and-only flip-top Cobra. Carroll Shelby was a racer—full stop. In 1964, when he learned that the more powerful Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport was on its way, he got his crew to work on a response. That response was the Shelby Cobra ‘Flip-Top” prototype, featuring a thin-gauge aluminum body on a Daytona Coupe chassis. 

Developed by Ken Miles, the experimental Cobra featured a forward-tilting front end and a hinged section at the back. This design made engine swaps a snap, giving the Shelby American crew the chance to test the 427 cubic-inch Ford V-8.  

During its Sebring debut, the 427 was swapped for a lighter 390-inch aluminum engine after some mechanical problems. The lessons learned with Chassis No. CSX2196—the wide body, coil spring suspension and big-block Ford power—paved the way for the next-generation Cobra.

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