McLaren Racing - MP4/2 - 60th Anniversary - 1984

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Step into the world of McLaren's legendary racing legacy with our latest poster featuring the iconic McLaren MP4/2. Designed by John Barnard, this ground-breaking carbon-fibre monocoque chassis marked McLaren's triumphant return as a Grand Prix-winning team in the early 1980s. Its sleek and aerodynamic design propelled the McLaren MP4/2 to greatness, all the while the TAG-Porsche engine unleashed unprecedented power, allowing it to dominate the Formula 1 circuit. Witness the impressive downforce generated by the 'barn-door' wings, as Alain Prost and Niki Lauda piloted the MP4/2 to a staggering 12 wins out of 16 races in the 1984 season.

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