Porsche Carrera GT

By Delius Klasing

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Originally planned for motorsport, just a happy chance landed the Carrera GT on the road: its technical data speak for themselves. The V10 naturally aspirated engine was a masterpiece of Porsche designers, while the chassis got its finishing touches through the fine tuning by rallye world champion Walter Röhrl.
This richly illustrated Porsche book presents the high-speed sportscar (topspeed 330 km/h) to the detail. A beautiful gift for car lovers who want to study the vehicle in all its particulars.

- The Porsche-Carrera book for the sportscar‘s huge fanbase, limited on 1,270 pieces
- Development history and all technical data in a fact book
- The supercar – spectacularly staged by Stefan Bogner
- The whole small series of the Carrera GT in a large-format coffee-table book
- Fine Porsche design: the Carrera GT’s design vocabulary in a coffee-table book

A body of carbon-fibre-reinforced polymers, carbon-ceramic brakes, the pushrod suspension system: a lot of things distinguish the Porsche Carrera GT from other sportscars. The extra fact book compiles all information on this car – and with the Porsche coffee-table book in a fine box it makes for a brilliant gift for fans.
Immerse yourself in the fascinating history of the Porsche Carrera GT!

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