Camel Trophy - The Definitive History (Unique Edition)

By Porter Press

Pelican Case:
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Limited to only 5 copies

by Nick Dimbleby

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For this ultra-limited edition we sourced five original issue Camel Trophy Pelican cases complete with embossed event logo and authentic battle scars. Housed within is a specially canvas-bound edition of the book featuring a debossed leather label and matching closing strap. Each of the five examples includes unique combinations of official Camel Trophy clothing, merchandise and memorabilia. Examples of items include Fjällräven trousers and shirts, Camel Trophy jackets and belts, badges, stickers, maps, wash bags, metal luggage tags and more. Complete itemised inventory available on request.

The Unique Edition is signed by author Nick Dimbleby, Graham Fazakerley, Nick Horn, 10-time event director Iain Chapman and 1989 Camel Trophy winners Bob Ives and Joe Ives.

Camel Trophy charts the twenty-one-year history of an event that gained legendary status due to the extraordinary challenge posed to competitors and their vehicles. On most of these adventures, held from 1980 to 2000, teams drove specially prepared Land Rovers to the limit and beyond in locations as varied as Borneo, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, Siberia and Tanzania. As an official photographer on the last four events, author Nick Dimbleby combines his first-hand account with experiences shared by competitors, contemporary reports and extensive new interviews of key players, to tell a gripping tale of adventure, adversity, technological change and logistical challenge. Beautifully illustrated, its 930 images showcase the iconic photography as well as unofficial behind-the-scenes snap shots, this extensively researched publication can legitimately claim to be the definitive history of the Camel Trophy.

  • The only complete guide to every Camel Trophy, fully illustrated with unique and evocative imagery from official photographers, as well as behind-the-scenes material from staff members.
  • Painstakingly researched, with all key players interviewed.
  • Remarkable stories that chart Camel Trophy’s progress from small, German-market promotional event to multi-million dollar international competition.
  • Chapters on selections, infrastructure and pre-scouts, provide a fascinating insight into how the Camel Trophy events were put together.
  • A complete guide to the vehicles used on the event, including technical specifications and insights into the design and build of the Land Rovers, Ford-engined Jeeps and RIBs (Rigid Inflatable Boats) used.


ISBN: 978-1-913089-49-8

285 x 235mm, 336 pages

Jacketed Hardback

Over 930 images

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