Signal Red Pomander

By Charabanc

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The Charabanc Pomander in Signal Red, inspired by the ultimate sporting red that has graced the exterior and interior of some of the most spirited car brands. This luxury car fragrance accessory is accompanied by the fragrance which takes you through 'Monument Valley Drive' and can be used with any of our scented ceramic refills as and when required.

MONUMENT VALLEY Drive Car Fragrance Journey:

[ Raspberry, Violet Leaves, Thyme, Cypress Oil, Saffron, Jasmine, Amber, Black Leather, Mate ]

Without warning, the landscape opens up and there you are: beneath a Big Country Sky teeming with cumulus and eye-widening mesa. The raspberry blush of sunset, an amber horizon and sandstone shimmering in the saffron air. The United States of Drama.

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