Der Prototyp des Porsche 901

By Delius Klasing

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The blue miracle: The story of the sixth Porsche 901

It sounds like a fairy tale or a well-invented story: In April 1964, a blue car roars past young Alois Ruf, which he identifies as a pre-production model of the Porsche 901. His fascination with the sports car brand from Stuttgart is given an additional boost. When his father gives him his first 901 a few years later-a car with minor accident damage that also happens to be blue-he thinks nothing of it. And yet this is the beginning of an incredible story!

The blue Porsche 901: Alois Ruf's discovery and restoration of a collector's item.
Ideal gift book for car enthusiasts and Porsche fans
Extensive archive material and texts by proven Porsche specialists
The Porsche 901 book: Richly illustrated with current and historic Porsche photos
Rediscovery and restoration of an early Porsche 901

Alois Ruf drives it, but at some point he puts the sports car down and almost forgets about it. But only almost! The history of the 901 does not let him go. He begins a complete restoration, does some research, and can hardly believe what he discovers: his classic car was an early test car, or to be more precise, the sixth 901 ever built, and thus the very car that raced past the young Alois Ruf at the time.

Let renowned automotive journalist Jürgen Lewandowski, author of numerous books on the subject, take you on a fascinating journey back in time to Porsche history!

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