OpenSpec™ - DTM

By Formawerx

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Designed to celebrate the 80s Era of German Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters race cars, this grip design follows Claus Luthe (former Design Chief of BMW 1976-1990) and his bravery to develop the BMW E30 family. With brazen box fenders and the iconic wedge shape, Luthe's chiseled aesthetic had never before been witnessed by the world. It was a form language bold enough to scare Luthe himself yet eagerly propelled forward by BMW's board with great enthusiasm in being set apart from the ruling Mercedes W126 at the time. Needless to say, the collection of designs made history by becoming the quintessential German aesthetic of the 1980s. Formawerx's OpenSpec™—DTM design follows the language and design philosophy of this era without cannibalizing or merely duplicating forms found on the cars, but via application of the very same design processes and steps of the time. Elements like the box fender base shapes, bauhaus-style striation graphics, and chiseled form can be found on the keypiece design.

OpenSpec™ Compatibility with all pre-2000s vehicles
Grips: 5-Axis CNC machined to Swiss standards by Formawerx USA
Cores: CNC machined in Germany by Formawerx GmbH
Base: Perpetua Stainless Steel™ (proprietary blend)
Optional Upgrade: Zero-RT Titanium™ (proprietary blend)
Coatings: DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon)
By Automotive Designers, & Aerospace/Motorsport Engineers in California

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