Type 7 Guide to Milan

By ERG Media

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The Type 7 Guide to Milan is the second of a new series of premium travel guides published by ERG Media, aiming to provide readers with a perfect companion to Italy’s enchanting second city, capital of the arts, power, and finance. Explore over 200 locations carefully selected and tested by the Type 7 team for the discerning traveller, from multi-generational fried pizza shops in the shadow of the Duomo, to the best tiramisu you will likely ever have, to the birthplace of the negroni sbagliato.

Readers will also experience rich analog photography captured by the Type 7 Team across over 200 pages, capturing the bustle, elegance, and timeless style of Milan, inside a pistachio-hued thread sewn cover which references the culinary traditions and architecture of the city.

Copies shipping to US destinations will be dispatched starting April 19.

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