Lamborgini Paratrooper Bag & big Patch Golden Olive

By The RBook

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  • Vintage Paratrooper Weekender bag
  • large stiched RBook Patch
  • great Patina unique Bag
  • French Airforce large and super light Transport Bag
  • Perfekt Weekender
  • Vintage Falschirmjäger Tasche
  • großer gestickter RBook Aufnäher
  • Eizelstück mit toller Patina
  • ex. französische Falschirmjäger große und superleichte Transporttasche
  • Perfekter Weekender
  • 42 l Fassungsvermögen

Vintage Pilot Bag limited to 35 pieces

All our Vintage Paratrooper Bags are truly unique, each bag tells its own story.the majority of the bags date from the early 1970s
It was once an important personal piece of equipment and accompanied an elite soldier to many places in the world.
Equipment for paratroopers and other elite units will undergo intensive testing before they are released and are extremely lightweight and durable.
probably the best weekender of all times… and timeless

Branded with 6,7 inch high ” the RBook” patch embroidered with silver thread manufactored in Germany / black with velcro tape attached.The bags are 40 years old and were all in use. All are individuell and wear patches of their owners

The dimensions 25.5 inch  /11inch /18 inch.
Golden Olive

The bags are 40 years old and were in use, some of them have minor repairs. Here and there smaller dirt. All bags were cleaned professionally. Metal zippers work reliably.Branded with  large” the RBook” patches silver / black with Velcro attached

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