FIA Formula 1¨ World Champions 1950 - 2019 - Platinum Anniversary Edition

By Automobilist

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In keeping with the style and statement of the first official race held on 13 May 1950, Automobilist launches the 'Platinum Anniversary Edition', an exquisite collection of two artworks released to mark the 70th Anniversary of F1® racing: The Driver's Edition, a gold-black rendition now owned by all of the drivers competing in the current F1 season, along with a selection of former drivers who have lent both speed and charisma to the motorsport; and The Collector's Edition in pristine white.

Each of these designs is a perfect blend of the past - with all FIA Formula 1® World Champions since 1950 listed out on the poster, the future - render of the Formula 1® car as per new regulations 2022 onwards, and the present - a commemoration of the sport's trials, tribulations, and achievement etched out in golden embossing and hot-foil.

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