Time Fast D8


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Vintage race cars meet Swiss watchmaking

This kinetic sculpture displays the hours and minutes like a race number, allowing the time to be easily read on the side of the chassis. A figure sits in the cockpit, where a glass dome, or rather a driver's helmet, highlights the thrumming escapement. In front of him is the steering wheel, which adopts the three-spoke design typically seen in race cars, serving to set the time.

Meanwhile, in a subtle nod to childhood memories, the mechanical motor is wound just like a pull-back car.

With 289 ultra-precise mechanical components finished with the greatest care, Time Fast promises its owner nothing but pure pleasure and sensations.

Measuring 38 cm long, 16 cm wide and 12 high and weighing just 4.7 kg, this race car is by no means lacking in stature and could easily have come straight from one of the greatest motorsports stables.

Time Fast D8 is a limited edition: 100 pieces per body colour, initially produced in Grey, Red, Blue, Green, Blue with white stripes and White with blue stripes versions.


Color: British Racing Green / Red

Limited edition: 100 pieces per colour

Movement: Cal. 1855 MHD

In houseFunctions:

- Hours and minutes

- The car can move freely forwards

- Time set via counterclockwise rotation of the steering wheel

- A clockwise rotation serves to reposition the steering wheel as desired

Power Reserve: 8 days


- Polished and sand-blasted movement (plates and wheels)

- Satin-finished struts (stringers)

- Polished and satin-finished rims

- Painted bodywork

Jewels :26

Dimensions: 38.5 cm long x 16 cm wide x 12 cm high / 4.7 kg


- Blown glass dome, machined and polished to simulate the driver's helmet

- Nickel- and palladium-plated brass, polished stainless steel,

- Aluminium coloured with the use of automotive lacquers

- Tires in hard-wearing rubber

Winding :The clock is wound using the rear wheels: Reverse the car to fill it up

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