VW Bulli T1 Engine Construction Kit

By Franzis

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Build your own classic, working Bulli T1 flat-four boxer engine model!

The Boxer engine conquers the world

When production of the VW Type 2 commenced in 1950, the car was just the second model by Volkswagen after the "Beetle". With its air-cooled boxer engine, the "Bulli", as it was called by its fans, became an icon of our roads and its boxer engine became Volkswagen's most-built engine.

With this package you can enjoy a transparent functional model of the four-cylinder flat engine of the legendary „Bulli“ of the years 1950 to 1953 which fascinates its numerous fans worldwide to this day. Fun technology for you and your whole family!

The Construction Kit

Assemble a detailed transparent engine model of the Bulli in around two hours. All parts of the model kit move exactly like the original does. The components are easy to stick and screw together – without any adhesive.

The Manual

The high-quality manual offers lots of both fun and knowledge. Learn about the history of the Bulli and understand the successful concept of the boxer engine. Numerous illustrations provide a deep insight into the world of Volkswagen.

With the help of the detailed step-by-step construction manual you can build your own flat-four engine, either for your workshop or your living room. Show the world that there is an engineer inside you waiting to come out!


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