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The race distance is exactly 200 laps, 500 miles or 804.672 kilometers. With a current top speed of over 300 km/h under the green flag and a race duration of normally a good three hours, this race is, alongside other superspeedway events, the most demanding on drivers and material.

In a race where top speeds of around 380 km/h are reached, extremely precise preparation and adjustment of the race car is essential. For example, Emerson Fittipaldi lost this race in 1990 because during a pit stop he was fitted with a rear tire whose air pressure was 0.2 bar too low – the tire overheated, the roadholding of his car deteriorated, Fittipaldi was unable to keep up the pace as the front runner and dropped back to fourth place in the meantime.

On May 30, 1911, the first Indianapolis 500-mile race was held. The winner was Ray Harroun on a Marmon Wasp, which took 6 hours, 42 minutes and 11 seconds to complete the 500 miles. This equated to an average speed of 72.602 miles per hour (116.842 km/h). The race led to a motorsports euphoria in the U.S. and drew the construction of many more speedway or superspeedway tracks.

The Indianapolis 500 is famous primarily because of a number of unique facets that other auto races lack. For example, since 1936, the winner drinks a sip from a milk bottle and his face is immortalized in the BorgWarner trophy.

Many winners also kiss the finish line after the race, the so-called “yard of bricks.”

Other special features include a flying start in a three-man formation, also known as an Indianapolis start, and a high number of overtaking maneuvers. Originally, the form of the start was a stopgap solution because it was difficult for the cars to get going from a standing start. You can see this in the fact that after pit stops the mechanics helped to push.

Instead of a national anthem, the “unofficial anthem” of Indiana Back Home Again in Indiana has been played or sung before the race since 1946. Also well known are the thousands of balloons that go up into the sky before the race.

A. J. Foyt (1961, 1964, 1967, 1977), Al Unser (1970, 1971, 1978, 1987) and Rick Mears (1979, 1984, 1988, 1991) have each won the Indianapolis 500 four times.

Other well-known winners include Mario Andretti (1969), Emerson Fittipaldi (1989 and 1993), Al Unser Jr. (1992 and 1994), Jacques Villeneuve (1995) and Juan Pablo Montoya (2000 and 2015).

Early 70ies ies Jacket

STP Hot Rod  patches STP and a very rare Hot Rod patch

genuine Jacket Sponsored by STP Racing

with a big STP Patch on the Back

 made in U.S.A by Pla Jack
* Colour White

* 100% Nylon material

* Vintage Talon zip front
* Unlined
 SIZE: Tag Size = Mens Large


ITEM CONDITION: Vintage Deadstock New Old Stock 
Please see description, condition definitions, photos and measurements for your desired condition and fit
All vintage items are sold as is.  Most of these Jackets are well over 30 years old.  The wear, torque, fading, holes, stains, etc. are what make these items special.
The chest and length measurements are the best way to determine fit.  Please note the XS, S, M, L, XL size measurements for each item are an estimate.The jackets are vintage so quite wide cut .
If you have questions about an item please e-mail presse@theRBook.com

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