Porsche Carrera Racing Model Engine Kit

By Franzis

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Build your own classic Type 547 4-cylinder boxer model


transparent working model

crankshaft, pistons, valves … everything moves

original motorsound

manual included

The myth of the Carrera engine!

To this day, the model 547 Porsche racing engine is considered to be unique in the world of racing. This technical masterpiece was one of the reasons for the numerous Porsche racing victories in such legendary vehicles as the 356 or the 550 Spyder. With this pack, you can experience the model 547 engine masterpiece and build a transparent working model of the flat-4 horizontally opposed engine.

The Construction Kit

Using the more than 300 parts you can build a detailed transparent engine model, with all parts moving like in the big model. The components are easy to stick and screw together – without any adhesive.

The Manual

The high-quality companion book offers comprehensive information on Porsche, the early days of racing at the Zuffenhausen sports car makers as well as the Porsche engine 547. You will be able to grasp technical contexts and get to know the development history of this legend of motor sports. Demonstrate to the world that there's an engineer lurking inside you and get started! Build your own Porsche flat-4 horizontally opposed engine with the help of the detailed step-by-step instruction manual.

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