Lola GT The DNA of the Ford GT40

By Veloce

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Telling the history of Lola Cars Ltd and the story of its groundbreaking Lola Mk VI GT of 1963, used by the Ford Motor Car Company as an inspiration to design the all-conquering Ford GT40.

The 1963 Lola Mk VI GT was the car that inspired the Ford GT40 and then the Lola T70, both of which today are seen as true classic racecars. This book describes how all that happened, concentrating particularly on Allen Grant’s Lola Mk VI, one of just three built, which he bought in 1965 and still possesses today. The book also contains never seen before photos from the Ford Archives.

 John Starkey, an established automotive author and racecar consultant, has previously authored books about the history of the marque and the famous T70 racing sports cars, one of which he used to race himself. 

  • The 1963 Lola Mk VI GT was the car that Ford used as a template to design the GT40
  • Demonstrating the dominance of British racecar designers and builders in the 1960s
  • The story of how Ford designed and produced the GT40
  • Contains many rare and unseen photos of the Lola Mk VI GT, including some from the Ford archives
  • Features the restoration of a Lola Mk VI GT
  • Tells the story of how Lola became a force to be reckoned with in the racecar world

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