camouflage John Player Special Jaguar Mobil Oil Helmet Bag

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Motorsport can be fascinating for a number of reasons: the engineering solutions, the people that drive the cars, the race format or even the racing liveries.

If someone had to name the most famous colour scheme, many would say Martini Racing. The dark blue, light blue and red stripes have graced many white (with certain exceptions) background body cars, starting with Alfa Romeo, Ford, Lancia and Porsche, as well as a few different Formula One teams.

However, the Martini Racing livery was not the only one that dominated in the motorsport arena. Besides Martini Racing, there are two other liveries that left their mark in the history of motorsport: Gulf Oil and John Player Special.

It is the greatest ever gathering of Black & Gold, from Emerson Fittipaldi and Ronnie Peterson to Nigel Mansell and Ayrton Senna.

patches John Player Special Jaguar Mobil Oil PPG

silver voven theRBook Patch

elegantly  woodland camouflage  green ° this Bag comes witch genuine vintage patches and a solid zipper

° this copy is unique because patches and bag are vintage and exist only once in this version.
In each case we can only deliver this one bag!
° This Bag comes with our cool silver embroided” theRBook” patch ( 8 cm Diameter ) on the backside

° it is in very good used shape

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