AUTOMOBILSPORT #28 (02/2021) - English edition



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Cover story
Penske Racing

  • The early years – Building a motor racing empire
  • Track record – Winning on all fronts
  • The blue Ferrari – Sunoco Ferrari 512 M
  • A perfect combination – Penske and Porsche
  • A brief interlude – Penske in Formula 1
  • The leading role – Penske in American open-wheel car racing
  • Element of surprise – The IndyCar project with Ilmor-Mercedes in 1994
  • Slow start – Penske in NASCAR

Also in this issue…

  • Uwe Mahla about the Deutsche Rennsport-Meisterschaft
  • Eckhard Schimpf about Bordward in Formula 1
  • Jo Ramirez about his time with ATS
  • Jean-Marc Teissedre and Thomas Nehlert on Jean Rondeau
  • Back on Track – Lotus 18 Ex-Camoradi
  • and many more!

The magazine contains a large-sized fold out poster of the cover story including illustrations and technical data of the Penske PC-23 on the back.

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